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Automate cloud security from design to production

Visualize your IaC architecture and fix security design gaps before deployment

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oak9 is changing security for modern development and people are taking notice

Powering Security at the Speed of Modern Development

oak9 easily identifies security design gaps by reading Infrastructure as Code (e.g., Terraform) to understand what should be – then monitors for drift and offers actionable advice to quickly remediate.
Build security into your application and avoid costly design gaps
Build security into your application and avoid costly design gaps
Automatically catch and fix design gaps before deployment
Automatically catch and fix design gaps before deployment
Continuously and dynamically monitor infrastructure as code
Continuously and dynamically monitor infrastructure as code

How oak9 works

oak9 lets you tailor security standards to your needs and intelligently learns the more you build, so you aren’t slowed by hundreds of false positives or non-relevant exceptions. 

You can focus on the functional capabilities of your application while oak9 assess every change to your application architecture against your customized security blueprint to notify you in real-time of any risks.


Connect and Forget

Seamlessly integrate into your CI/CD pipleline with real-time notifications and integrations with all the tools you already use.

Compliance Made Easy

We built the oak9 security blueprints with industry best practice standards that become part of your application’s design.


Continuous Monitoring

CSPM vendors focus on finding risks after deployment. We find and give you the ability to quickly fix design gaps before deployment, saving time and reducing risk.

Product Intelligence

Rather than scan & say “turn logging on,” we’ll say “turn logging on, send the logs to encrypted object storage, enable TLS in sending of the logs“ – everything you need to be secure and compliant.


Security as Code Blueprints

We’ve built a catalog of dynamic blueprints and you can take it from there. Use your customized blueprint to identify design gaps within your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and cloud architectures.


Why oak9

Security concerns have exploded with the rapid adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). IaC has increased both the speed and scale at which developers create new cloud infrastructure, but now teams are being forced to choose between making deadlines and keeping applications secure.
Overwhelmed and understaffed security teams can no longer keep up. This is where oak9 comes to help security teams scale and stay in-sync with modern development practices.

Seamless Integration

Get your pipeline connected in less than 5 minutes

Real Time Notifications

Be alerted on slack or teams when a design gap occurs 

Intelligent Remediation

Our side-by-side code view lets you see the recommended changes before taking action

Connect and forget

We don’t want you living in our platform. Get notifications of potential security design gaps where you already work
(i.e., Slack, Teams, email)

You’re in control

The platform tracks design gaps and with the click of a button you can fix (via pull-request), snooze, or make an exception


Get a visual of your blind spots with security and compliance reports to assess risk in existing applications

oak9 in the News

We’ve been lucky to work with some amazing people at some of the most reliable and trusted media

Security has never been this easy

The power of oak9’s platform is in the combination of blueprints and automation. We pick the relevant standards, then the platform makes sure our code stays compliant. My Dev team isn’t slowed down and what they are building is secure.

Nishant Patel
CTO at Contentstack

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Put Security on Autopilot

Automated IaC security lets you go faster and gives your security engineer colleagues comfort knowing that the application has security built into its design